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Rent revolution

Join us, we've got your back.

You’ll never pay an expensive deposit again, a world first. Our club members receive insider access to the coolest pads, will rent fully through our app and save money off their lifestyle costs. That's just the start because we've got endless innovation to prevent you from being squeezed in your city.

More money & less stress

How does it work?

Step 1. Join the club

It's free to be verified, join & start saving!

  • Pad passport verifies and covers
  • On demand access to the coolest pads
  • Rent with no deposit
  • Pay no agency fees
  • View and make offers on your phone
  • Lifestyle discounts with top brands
  • Insider access to unique experiences
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What’s included & what do I save?

Pad Passport Get your Pad Passport Build trust

Be verified and trusted!

We verify our members so we can prove they are extra amazing. This saves them time, stress and money.

You’ll retain and grow your trusted profile which means now and the future is hassle free.

Savings: Time, stress and money

(includes no deposit renting)

Be the first to know

Live for Less Save money on travel Save money on food

Save money on all your lifestyle costs. We’ve hand picked the best partners in entertainment, food, drink, fashion, home, work, health and travel to organise unique perks so you can be less squeezed daily, monthly and yearly.

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Join the club and download the app to unlock the full list of perks.

Savings: £2900 per year / £300 per month

Live for less

Pad Matchmaker Find your next home Find a pad you love!

The new way to find properties on your phone. We’ll matchmake you with your ideal pad, whether you are looking to move immediately or down the line.

Pad will send hand-picked properties for you to favourite, share, arrange to view or offer on, all at the click of a button. All our listings are live and ready to rent with no deposit.

If you are looking for flat mates, we’ll hook you up with other Pad members, with regular free and fun matchmatcher events.

Savings: Hours of time

Find a pad on your phone!

Step 2. Rent with us

We activate your full membership when you rent one of our pads.

  • Pay no deposit
  • Pay no agency fees
  • Free internet
  • Mobile flat management
  • Hassle-free mobile renting
  • Extra membership perks

You cover more than the cost of membership with the free internet alone!

£2.99 a week

No upfront cost, no deposit, no agent fees or any end-of-tenancy suprises!

Pre-register for access!

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No Deposit Renting Rent with pad It's the future

Be covered. We’ve got your back, so why pay expensive deposits and fees?

Without, you'll lose on average 40% of your deposit.

Savings: £1230 per year / £102.50 per month

(On average, per property)

Join the club!

Hassle-free Renting Receive contract on your phone Setup payments on your phone

Rent your pad entirely on your phone with verification, contracts, payments set up simply and easy from your fingertips. Then when you move in, issues are solved with the click of a button. It’s as simple as that.

Cut out wild goose chases and hours of stress.

Savings: 32 hours

(On average, per tenancy)

Hassle-free renting

Wifi Included Wifi included Out of this world good!

Rent through us, we'll set you up with free wifi. No phone line needed and super fast speed, just as it should be. Just redeem and we’ll do the rest.

Savings: £350 per year / £29 per month

Wifi included

Increase credit score Build your life There's a pot at the end of the rainbow!

By paying your rent on time and being a highly-rated tenant, we'll help you increase your credit score so you can achieve your life goals including a mortgage, dream holiday or killer car! As with everything we keep this mobile, easy and rewarding. Working with the biggest partners in the market.

Savings: Invaluable

Life Builder

Pre-register for access!

We love renters

Our team is working hard to change the way that you rent. Join now and help us!

Be verified, be trusted, be rewarded!

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