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The new digital service for a new age of estate agents.

Pad enables you to tap into our network of verified and covered renters, saving you time and cost with our cool tech and clever logistics. You keep your landlords happy and we’ll look after the renters!

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Why use us?

  1. Pad is the UK's first fully mobile lettings ecosystem.
  2. We have hundreds of verified renters joining us every day.
  3. Tenants verify, view, offer and sign with the click of a button.
  4. We drive viewings and leads faster than any other medium.
  5. Our fees are so low they can slot into your existing fees.
  6. Our unique insurance model takes away all risk and conflict.
  7. You can sit back while we deal with the dirty work.

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How does it work?

Step 1. Push out in seconds

Upload your properties with our easy step-by-step process (or we can) and we’ll advertise them to thousands of renters registered to our club through direct matchmaking. We send them properties on demand which match their criteria.

Right-to-rent and tenant profile checks are done digitally when they join our club, so things are quick and easy from that point on. Our members are verified to be a high standard and are a low risk profile before they can go ahead with anything.

We don’t use Zoopla, Right Move, Prime location or on the market so you’ll continue to drive unverified leads direct through there.

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List to thousands of our members in seconds

Step 2. Achieve highest offer

With all viewings and offers managed by our app, we use dynamic surge pricing to maximise the value of offers based on demand... Think Uber surge pricing for rentals!

We don't charge our renters any conventional fees so they have more to spend on rent. We then insure our tenants instead of taking a deposit, making their budget go further.

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Make the highest possible yield

Step 3. Pad passport

Due to our extensive referencing, our tenants have very strong, low-risk profiles. With a high street agent, a static deposit only covers you for 6 weeks rent and then you'll be scrambling if there's further loss or damage. It's 2017, so we throw in:

  • Full rent guarantee with comprehensive insurance
  • Comprehensive damage insurance for tenants
  • 24-hour dispute resolution line and live chat
  • Full legal costs covered

For peace of mind we have a resolution center and insurance department, which logs and covers all issues. If your tenant doesn’t pay for over 4 weeks then the rent guarantee kicks in, covering all loss, while our legal cover gives you full peace of mind. Similarly, all accidental and malicious damage is covered and fixed within days. We deal with all claims direct with our underwriters so no need for you spend any time on this.

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Complete, document, move in, pay us

Step 4. Review your offer

Once we have an offer above your asking price we will send this through to you along with the Pad passport for the tenants which shows you their verified profile and cover details.

You’ll then discuss the offer to the landlord and explain that the renter in question is verified, covered and willing to pay a premium because they are saving on other costs.

The landlord wins because they are covered for greater risk while achieving a higher return, so it will be easy to get over the line at point of sale.

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Complete, document, move in, pay us

Step 5. Complete and move in

In the past locking down your tenants to verify and check-them-out was a wild goose chase with calls, keys, paper, pens and pandemonium. Not any more as our app cuts out hours of hassle.

  • Right to rent check
  • Verify/reference tenants
  • Sign contract in-app
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Inventory in
  • Inventory out
  • Monthly rental income processed digitally
  • You avoid having to account for manual payments

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Complete, document, move in, pay us

Pad Care. Manage, Maintain, Cover

Tenants managed, maintenance sorted and costs covered for a fixed fee per month.

In the past things were messy and there was way too much back and forwards involvement in tenant and property management. In addition, an invoice would fall at your Landlords feet when a issue pop ups, causing even more conflict between everyone involved.

Now, once your tenants are checked in, our Pad Care service takes over. We’ll cover all scenarios of risk, cost and time once your tenants have moved in, so you can step away with full clarity and zero hassle. The tenants have an app to report all issues and then rate the work which has been done, cutting out hours of wild goose chases.

Keep your percentage for management and outsource it to Pad for a fixed cost. We enjoy doing the dirty work because our tech, insurance and logistics are so slick.

What’s included exactly?

  • Tenants issues managed in-app
  • Maintain your property without lifting a finger
  • A-rated work men provided to service issues rapidly
  • Legal costs covered
  • Boiler emergency call outs covered
  • Washing machines covered and fixed
  • Fridges covered and fixed
  • Freezers covered and fixed
  • Dish washer breakdown
  • Leaks covered and fixed
  • Damp covered and fixed
  • Pipes covered and fixed
  • Vermin Infestation covered and fixed
  • Windows covered and fixed
  • Doors covered and fixed
  • Windows covered and fixed
  • Cupboards covered and fixed
  • Kitchen units/appliances covered and fixed

We enjoy doing the dirty work because our tech, insurance and logistics are so slick.

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