Why use us?

  1. Pad is the UK's first fully mobile lettings ecosystem.
  2. Connect with a closed pool of renters for free, in minutes.
  3. Members verify, view, offer, sign and pay with a click of a button.
  4. Instead of a deposit we'll just cover all arrears and damage.
  5. The lowest cost in market, while we make you the highest return.
  6. Our team are on hand for all repairs, while we cover the cost.
  7. Finally, you can sit back with out lifting a finger, for peanuts.

How does it work?

View cool Pads on the app

Step 1. List your Pad to thousands of renters

Upload your property with our easy step-by-step process and we’ll put it out to thousands of renters registered to our club. We send them properties on demand which match their criteria.

Our renters are able to view and rent at the click of a button, cutting out cost, time and hassle. Right to rent and profile checks are done digitally when they join so things are quick and easy from that point on.

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List to thousands of our members in seconds

Step 2. Viewings

Our Pad clerks are waiting in your area for viewings, property audits and check-ins.

Potential tenants can book a viewing in real-time and our clerks will do the rest.

We’ve taken away the slick suits and replaced them with slick on-demand service.

Trained to be persuasive but transparent, our strong core values of trust flow through our team on the ground. We currently average 6 viewings per completion due to having a network of engaged renters waiting to receive their perfect Pad.

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We're like the deliveroo for viewings

Step 3. Make the highest possible yield

With all viewings and offers managed by our app, we use dynamic surge pricing to maximise the value of offers based on demand... Think Uber surge pricing for rentals.

The members who access our rental club are extensively verified before they enter. Better tenants means you'll have fewer wallet-hitting surprises.

We don't charge our renters any conventional fees so they have more to spend on rent and we insure our tenants instead of taking a deposit, making their budgets go further towards rent.

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Make the highest possible yield

Step 4. Complete and move in

In the past locking down your tenants to verify and check-them-out was a wild goose chase with calls, keys, paper, pens and pandemonium. Not any more as our app cuts out hours of hassle.

  • Right to rent check
  • Verify/reference tenants
  • Sign contract in-app
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Inventory in
  • Inventory out
  • Direct debit of monthly yield

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Complete, document, move in, pay us

Step 5. Guaranteed rent & insured tenants

Due to our extensive referencing, our tenants have very strong, low-risk profiles. Pad protects you with no payment void and full cover of any damage.

With other agents, a static deposit only covers you for 6 weeks rent and then you'll be scrambling if there's further loss or damage so time and money is lost. It's 2017, so we throw in:

  • Full rent guarantee
  • Comprehensive damage cover
  • 24-hour dispute resolution live chat
  • Full legal costs covered during tenancy

Guaranteed rent & insured tenants

Pad Care. Manage, Maintain, Cover

Tenants managed, maintenance sorted and ALL maintenance costs covered.

In the past things were messy and there was way too much back and forwards involvement in tenant and property management. In addition, an invoice would fall at your feet when a issue pop ups, causing even more conflict between everyone involved.

Now, once your tenants are checked in, our Pad Care service takes over. We’ll cover all scenarios of risk, cost and time once your tenants have moved in, so you can step away with full clarity and zero hassle. The tenants have an app to report all issues and then rate the work which has been done, cutting out hours of wild goose chases.

We have created a unique insurance with a syndicate of top insurance companies, which can be used by any landlords or managing estate agents to cover ALL maintenance and management issues with the property meaning you can step away.

  • Tenants issues managed in-app
  • Maintain your property without lifting a finger
  • A-rated work men provided to service issues rapidly
  • Legal costs covered
  • Boiler emergency call outs covered
  • Washing machines covered and fixed
  • Fridges covered and fixed
  • Freezers covered and fixed
  • Dish washer breakdown
  • Leaks covered and fixed
  • Damp covered and fixed
  • Pipes covered and fixed
  • Vermin Infestation covered and fixed
  • Windows covered and fixed
  • Doors covered and fixed
  • Windows covered and fixed
  • Cupboards covered and fixed
  • Kitchen units/appliances covered and fixed

Keep your yield clear with no nasty surprises. We enjoy doing the dirty work because our tech, insurance and logistics are so slick.

Pad Care

What does it cost?

List, find, verify,
reference and contract
All ViewingsFREE
Check-in + InventoryFREE
Manage, maintain & cover£79+vat pm

There is no commitment to take pad care, although 98% of our properties take it due to its unique and exceptional value.

Happy landlords!

Alain's testamonial

"I’m really excited by the technology and impressed with how you have solved problems throughout the process."

Alain / Poplar

Sunil's testamonial

"I’m excited to get going with Pad! I've always thought there should be something like this and now it's here!"

Sunil / Stratford

Sandeep's testamonial

"I’ve managed my properties for 10 years but finally there’s something which makes it easy and cost effective for me to take a step back."

Sandeep / Wanstead

Sam's testamonial

"This is the first property I’ve rented out and it all seems so easy with you guys.. I’d heard bad things about working with agents from friends."

Sam / Hackney

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