Cinemas in the City

London isn't short of big screens, that's for sure. And with the summer months creeping up, watching your new favourite film doesn't have to mean compromising on daylight. You can watch movies like Jaws on a lido, for goodness sake. It's all happening! But where is our favourite place to watch a good film, you ask? Well, we've got a few. Have a scroll below.

Brixton Ritzy
The Picturehouse chain hasn't come without its controversy, but we love it for its laid-back atmosphere, comfortable seats and great range of films. You don't just have to head to Brixton for it, either. They've got branches in places like Piccadilly Circus, Clapham and Greenwich. You can become a member for a reasonable price. And get discounts on food, drink and your tickets. Win, win.


Curzon Cinema Richmond
It's a tucked away little gem in the outer edges of London - and we couldn't love it more. Think brilliantly selected films, swanky seats and a location near the river which means, on summer evenings, you can have a pint overlooking it afterwards. Tempting, isn't it?

Prince Charles Cinema
OK, we'll admit that Leicester Square isn't the most relaxing of places, but it DOES contain some great hotspots for entertainment. This cinema isn't your average cinema. It does singalongs of your favourite films, and showings of classics.

BFI Southbank
Keep your eyes peeled on events at the BFI - they have a range of brilliant screenings, often keeping it linked to a theme.

Secret Cinema
This lot have nailed it. Previous films include The Shawshank Redemption, Ghostbusters and Casablanca. And now their next installment is Blade Runner 2049. Picture this; the film runs and actors act out the scenes around you. The food and drinks are themed accordingly, the settings are brilliant and the evening is a general joy.


Luna Cinema
This outdoor cinema company becomes your best friend in the summer months. Their locations vary across the country and they put on a range of films from golden oldies like Top Gun, to La La Land.

Screen on the Green
If you head to Islington, it's hard to miss this cinema. With its beaming neon sign outside, this place screams cinema with an edge. And so it should. It's one of the country's oldest cinemas and has played host to many an exciting event; from a Sex Pistols concert, to gigs for The Clash.

Electric Cinema Notting Hill
This big screen is a restored cinema auditorium that harps back to 1911. So it combines entertainment AND history. It's not just comfortable armchairs either. There are blankets, foot stools, side tables and the option to recline. Bliss.

Soho House
If you're lucky enough to be a member of this chain in London (and across the world), make sure you check out Soho House's cosy little cinema on Greek Street. With it's dimly lit room, plush seats and non-popcorn-rustling crowd, it's pretty much all you need for a good bit of movie viewing.

Rooftop Cinema Club
Outdoor films, tasty treats, deckchairs and rooftop bars. That's just a flavour of what the team at Rooftop Cinema Club have to offer. From London to Miami to New York - these guys have certainly proved they're popular. And who wouldn't be. What's better than a summer's evening under the stars with your favourite film? Not much!

We had to round this list off eventually, or we'd be here all day. And so as our final choice, we thought we'd choose the edgey cinema in one of London's trendiest areas, Peckham. It feels very reminiscent of the cinemas you used to visit as a teen. Get your tickets now!

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