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Keeping fit in the city: A chat with Joslyn Thompson Rule

We understand that keeping active in a busy city can be tricky. Slaving away at work all day. Socialising. Catching up on the latest TV shows. When does your fitness get a look in?

Finding the motivation to exercise and keep healthy when all you want to do is catch up on the sleep you missed, is difficult. Plus expensive gym memberships don't always sound very appealing.

For some inspiration on how to keep on the move in London, we caught up with trailer, athlete and fellow London resident, Joslyn Thompson Rule. We wanted to find out a bit more on how, in the big smoke, you can be the best version of yourself 💪

📸 Image courtesy of Joslyn Thompson Rule

What initially drew you to world of fitness?
I have always been interested in health and fitness so it was really what felt natural for me.

What is the best advice you would offer people on how to keep active in London?
Make it work with your schedule, or it won’t happen! Keep it simple, we love to overcomplicate health and fitness. Move more, eat real food, and make time to chill.

Do you have to break the bank to stay fit and healthy, or do you have any penny-saving tips?
Sleep, hydration and walking are all underestimated for their contribution to our health, and are all free. Make your own lunches; you’ll save a fortune on grabbing something in the day and you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?
Hanging out with my husband and son.

Where’s your favourite place to go in London?
Alexandra Palace Farmers Market, every Sunday without fail, to stock up!


For more on Joslyn's work, be sure to visit her website www.joslynthompsonrule.com and Instagram at @joslynthompsonrule.