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Food of London: A Sit Down with Matt Hickman

Pad caught up with Matt Hickman, writer for London Cheap Eats. We wanted to get his food wisdom on the best places to eat in the big smoke.

Hi Matt, can you tell us a little bit about how you came to write for London Cheap Eats?

I've known Leyla Kazim, the founder of London Cheap Eats, for several years - we are often at the same food and drink events. She came back from a year of travelling with the idea to launch London Cheap Eats and put a small team together that included myself and a few other foodies to kick things off. That was back in April 2015 and we eventually launched the website in January 2016.

Where is your favourite part of London?

For food, I think it's probably Brixton - with the likes of Made of Dough, Donostia, Smoke + Salt, and Salon in Brixton Village and Pop Brixton, plus Negril and Naughty Piglets up the hill, you can't go far wrong. An obvious choice, but for good reason!


Food at lower prices; are you compromising on quality?

Not necessarily. Some of our London Cheap Eats favourites make a mockery of more expensive restaurant dishes. You are more likely to be compromising on stylish interiors and fancy lighting... and who cares about that when you have a plate of food in front of you?

What is your favourite kind of food and where would you head in the city to find it?

Pasta! I can't stay away from the carbs unfortunately. There are lots of great places for fresh pasta dishes (e.g. Padella, Pastaio, Burro e Salvia) but my favourite secret spot is Italo Deli, on oasis of calm in the backstreets of Vauxhall - tell Jake & Charlie that I sent you.


And finally! What are your top five restaurant recommendations for people who have just moved to the city?

The Dairy (Clapham Common). Carousel (Marylebone). Kitchen Table (Fitzrovia). Kiln (Soho). Smokestak (Shoreditch). Hopefully a bit of everything in there, and they're spread across London so you can do some exploring en route.

Thanks Matt! For more information on Matt's work, be sure to check him out on www.mattthelist.com or on his instagram at @matthelist.