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London on Screen

London is a hotbed for filming locations. Homeowners rent out their London homes to film and TV companies, and streets serve as the backdrop for many-a-loved British production. Here at Pad, we wanted to know more, so we set about looking behind the scenes of our favourite shows.

The Mighty Boosh

In the second series of this weird and wonderful television show, Vince, Howard, Naboo and Bollo share a flat in Dalston. In the third, they even set up their own shop there. While most of it was shot in a studio, we can still see the edgey vibes of this east end area shining through. Or was that the sparkley costumes?


The recent BBC McMafia recently came up on our radars as using some brilliant locations across the city to film in. Despite the character Alex and his girlfriend Rebecca leading us to believe that they lived in a quaint mews house, the interior shots were actually taken in a six bedroom Victorian house in Wandsworth.


Call the Midwife

This ‘50s based medical drama was set in the East End's Poplar but used areas around Waterloo for several of its exterior shots. It was also shot largely around Kent and Surrey. Our screens can be so deceiving!


This BBC crime drama makes the most of the East London area; in particular Hackney, using both its streets and one of its studios, Gainsborough Studios. Being a Hackney resident himself, we imagine Idris Elba was quite pleased about this! Other areas this series made the most of include Liverpool Street, Dalston and Bethnal Green.


The ITV drama starring Anna Friel has also made good use of locations in the Big Smoke. Places you might recognise include Rye Wax in Peckham, the Blue Fin building opposite the Tate Modern and some apartments on Pentonville road. Other spots were the Jamaican cafe Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue in Brixton.

Absolutely Fabulous

Edina and her daughter Saffy lived in Holland Park. In Absolutely Fabulous the movie however, the film crew rented out this property in Cricklewood, giving the homeowners a hefty sum in the process.


The IT Crowd

While this comedy series claims to be set in central London, it was actually filmed in front of a live audience in both Teddington Studios and Pinewood Studios. We appreciate the reference to London, at least.

James Bond

It'd be surprising if this cult British movie franchise didn't make use of the capital for a few scenes. Turns out they use it for a lot. You should recognise many spots - from Bond pondering over the top of London's skyline, to the Ministry of Defence. It's hard to miss.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Although Helen Fielding's original novel states that Bridget lived in Holland Park, she became a Borough resident for the movies and lived right in the thick of the market. The flat in which she created the infamous blue soup and enjoyed several pyjama moments is based above The Globe pub. And while back in the day it would have gone on for about £100,000, today the property is said to be worth over £700,000. The film industry really does pay!