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Meet the decorator: Ten minutes with Melanie Lissack

Can you really make a place your own when you rent? We think so. Here at Pad, we're keen for our tenants to feel right at home. So we sat down with Melanie Lissack; award-winning interiors blogger and stylist, to find out more on her London life and what advice she would give to people moving into a rental space.

What brought you to London?

I came to London when I was a teenager to study at university. Once I graduated, I stayed in the city and worked in the music industry for 10 years before switching my careers to interiors.

Why did you want to work in interiors?

Because it is my passion, and to be honest, borderline obsession! I kind of fell into working in interiors via the various opportunities my interiors blog presented. Through my love of interiors I started my blog, and then from the blog came my career as a freelance interior decorator and stylist.


What is your signature style?

I have quite a feminine style, but with a contemporary edge - no shabby chic around these parts! I tend to use a lot of blue and pastels and bold floral patterns.

What are the top decorating tips you'd give to people who are moving into rental properties?

Be clever with your furniture - if the place isn't already furnished, buy cheap and hack it to look better. Invest in a lot of spray paint and contact paper which is amazing to create looks such as faux 'marble' tables. Frame cheap prints and postcards and hang them with removable sticky hanging strips. Layer as much as possible with furniture you can take with you - rugs, cushions and throws are all transportable and it is layering with texture and colour that creates a cosy, inviting room. If you really want to make a statement, look into removable wallpaper.

What is your favourite DIY hack for the home?

Paint! Never underestimate the power and transformative effect of paint. A lot of people do not want to do anything to rental properties as it is seen as 'wasted cash', but if you are living there for at least a year (and your landlord allows), what is one day of your time and £40 on a tin of paint to transform a room into something that feels clean, fresh, and is to your taste?

If you were allowed to take one item from your house onto a desert island, what would it be?

Without a doubt my bed. I can't really sleep well in beds other than my own. And it would beat a hammock!

Favourite thing to do in the city?

I love Columbia Road flower market and it is a joy to go there early on a Sunday, soak up the atmosphere and come home with armfuls of bargain blooms.

For more information on Melanie's work and other DIY hacks, visit her website here or find her on Instagram at @melanielissackinteriors. 🏠

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