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The Joys of an Office Dog

Life in an office can be challenging. There are phones to be answered, emails to be looked at and properties to be rented out. Lucky for us, we've got Blu the office dog to get us through the day 💙🐕.

The first thing that springs to our minds when we arrive in the morning is 'when is Blu getting here?' And when she bounds in, it fills us with joy.

If you're not a dog person - you might want to look away now. Try our post about where's good to eat in London, thanks to Food Feels. Or see what Melanie Lissack told us about how best to decorate a rental space. But for those of you who love our furry friends, we thought we'd compile a list below on why they're so important in an office.

They can improve staff wellness and creativity
Don't just listen to us. This lot said it too.

If you're having a stressful day, what's better than a hug from a golden retriever?
(No seriously - if you can name something better than that, we'll be impressed)

They keep you company
When the rest of the Pad team popped out the other day, I was left in the office on my own. Before I knew it, Blu had jumped up on the chair beside me and it felt like I had a new best friend.

It creates a calming atmosphere
Put a dog at your feet under your desk and everything will feel OK.

It makes you popular with the other offices
We work in a building which houses a few other offices and everyone stops by to say hello. Mainly because they want to say hello to Blu. Incidentally, Blu now has a dog companion called Larry from one of the other offices.

They get you talking to each other
Not got much in common with your colleagues? You can always chat about how sweet the dog is or whether you should get one yourself. Essentially, they help communication.

They act as an excuse to stretch your legs
Tired of sitting at your computer but don't want to be seen leaving your desk AGAIN? Well, the dog needs the toilet. You're just doing your duty 🙄

They're great for your social media feed
Come on, we were all thinking it.

They give you an ego boost
Did no one else agree with you on that presentation you made? Don't worry, the office dog's got your back. Just a lick on the hand is all you need.

They encourage you to be more organised
If you're bringing your dog into work, you've got to get your stuff sorted. You can't be forgetting their food or bed otherwise all hell will break loose. You start to think about when you're taking them out, what time you'll eat and what time you'll leave the office. Your dog has helped you structure your day so you can be more productive. See? Win, win.

We could come up with a few more reasons, but we'd be here all day. For more Blu pictures, be sure to follow us on Instagram. She pops up on there a lot!

The Pad Team (and Blu)