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The good housemate

We all know that moving in with people you don’t know can be daunting. Heck, moving in with your best friends can be scary if you’ve never done it before. But at Pad, we’re here to help make your renting experience as smooth as possible, so we put together some tips we thought might come in handy.

Be tidy
Sounds simple, doesn’t it. But it’s so easy to leave a mess after you’ve been catering for the five thousand, or even just cooking for one. We've all been guilty of it at some point. But the hard fact is that if you leave one dish out, that can quickly spiral into five and before you know it, Kim and Aggie will be knocking on your door. So it's good to be conscientious. And your housemates will think you’re the best thing ever.


Tell your roomies about new visitors
OK, not every single visitor you have. It’s your home too. But if you’re having several people over, it’s nice to give the people you live with a heads up. They might have organised for a cosy night in with their full pyjama set on show. So they will thank you for not letting hundreds of people witness that first hand. Oh, and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who isn’t your flatmate, maybe re-think having them over all the time. This will give you extra bonding time with the people you live with anyway.

Make plans together
When you throw yourself head first into busy London life, it’s easy to forget to make plans with those you live with. After all, you’re seeing them in the morning before you nip into the bathroom and last thing in the evening when you say goodnight. So that’s enough, right? Mmm. Not really. We understand, though. If you weren’t friends before you became housemates, there’s now an opportunity to meet someone new. So even if you are struggling to find the time, why not check in to see if they’ll be home to watch the latest Netflix show with you? Or cook them an extra fajita so you can sit down and eat together? It’s a lovely gesture and i’m sure they’ll really appreciate it.


Don’t spend too long in the shower!
It’s fine if you live with one other person. Maybe even two. But if there are a lot of you and you don’t have many bathrooms, remember it’s not just yours truly who needs to use it. So, for the sake of the planet and everyone else’s time, don’t spend too long in there. Unless you’ve just come back from Glastonbury and you need to scrub yourself till the cows come home. Save it for the weekend when people aren’t in a mad dash to get to work on time. Your bills will also thank you.

Don't hog the remote
It’s tempting to get stuck into The Crown on Netflix and refuse to budge. And that’s fine if you’re living on your own. But when there are a few people in one house, make sure you share remote time. Or, better yet, get them into your favourite TV show and watch it together. It’s great when you’re both watching the same thing on the box. It really can bring people together. Just make sure no one does a sneaky solo binge and overtakes the other.

Ask questions
Yep. We said it. The bleedin’ obvious. But in this day and age of fiddling with our phones, sending whatsapps to the group thread and staring at our TV screens (as advertised above), it’s easy to forget the importance of having an actual conversation. You probably aren’t going to be living with these people in the big smoke forever. So enjoy the trials and tribulations of coming home from a knackering day at work, popping open a bottle of wine with your housemate and nattering about how horrible your boss is or how well you smashed that audition. Don’t worry - you can go back to WhatsApp the next day to tell each other how hungover you’re feeling.