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Where to Live in London

London is big, bold and wonderful. There are endless things to do, sights to see and most importantly, areas to live. But with so much choice, how should you know what's right for you? That's why, here at Pad HQ, we had a think about our favourite parts of the Big Smoke and why they might appeal to you.


This area of London isn't shy of bars or things to do. From a huge cinema to a brilliant range of nice cafés, it's perfect for people looking for a buzzing atmosphere and an ideal distance away from the city's centre.

Parts of Camden might feel like a tourist trap, but look a little closer and you'll find excellent places to eat and some cultural hotspots like the music lover's favourite, The Roundhouse.


Hampstead is known for being a bit more pricey, but we're not surprised considering most celebrities and well-known artists flock here. You'll find great places to eat (try Aubaine), cosy pubs and the heath.

Finsbury Park
Sitting on the Victoria line (the best tube line in London, we might add), this area of the city is perfect for a trip to the theatre if you fancy ducking out of the West End. Plus, it's a much more affordable area of London with plenty still on your doorstep.


Ah, Hackney. The glorious Hackney. We think it's a winner in London. Packed full of great bars and things to do, it's also a great place to live. Excellent transport links and a happening music scene is also a draw.

Its reputation might have wavered over the years but Shoreditch is still a significant part of the Big Smoke. We'll admit that it's now one of the more expensive areas to live in London but what you'll lose in pennies, you'll make up for by being in the thick of it! It's your call.


Bethnal Green
The beauty of this place is that you could be paying less for living and still reap the rewards of the surrounding areas. On your doorstep, you've got the likes of Rich Mix and Shoreditch's Box Park, but you've also got Bethnal Green Working Men's Club and some brilliant cafés like this classic greasy spoon, which will remind you of the area's heydays.


Here at Pad, we love Clapham. And there's more to it than meets the eye. There's Clapham Junction, Clapham Common, Clapham North and Clapham South. It's endless! While Clapham Junction is good for bars and transport links, Clapham Common boasts an excellent range of restaurants such as The Dairy and of course the common itself. If you're not playing rounders there, you can visit one of its many seasonal festivals or simply bask in the sun with a picnic.

Brixton is undoubtedly one of London's hotspots. From the markets to the cinema to the brilliant range of eateries and coffee shops; it really does have it all. Then there's Pop Brixton and a huge recreational centre. What more could you want!

Long gone are the Del Boy days. Now it's more hipster-hang-out. With places like Peckham Levels, Frank's and The Bussey Building, this part of London has all the cool kids clinging from its every word. There are also brilliant parks nearby and a really cheap cinema - the Peckhamplex. Admittedly, since everyone else has clocked onto this fact, prices are on the up. But we WILL encourage you not to miss out on the fun.



You won't be short of watering holes in this area of London. You've also got the brilliant Lyric Theatre on your doorstep and prime access to the Boat Race (OK it's only once a year but you can't beat it!). Also - it'll feel like the best of both worlds when you're living the city life but also have a quick journey to the airport for a last minute mini break.

Known for being one of the more upmarket areas of the Big Smoke, this area certainly lives up to its reputation. Granted, you're paying higher prices but with the boutique shops, lovely parks and swanky range of restaurants, you know what you're getting yourself into.

Notting Hill
Go to find the 'blue door' and you'll be disappointed (film fans, are you following?). But go there to live or even just to pay a visit to the carnival, and we expect you'll have a great old time. With its colourful houses, brilliant selection of cafés and buzzing atmosphere in general, you'll feel more part of London than ever.