Hands-off property management

Sit back, we manage your tenants and cover your pad. We protect your margin and do the dirty work!

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Property management, reinvented

We didn't just reinvent renting, we rectified the value chain for landlords and tenants.

We scrapped complex fee structures and created a simple model for either an HMO or AST to be FULLY managed and covered.

Then, when you need to find new tenants we’ll then do that all for free.


Assured Shorthold Tenancy

per month, per property


House in multiple occupation

per month, per room

What are the steps to no-hassle property management?


Out with the old

Things were messy and there was too much “back and forwards” involved in tenant and property management. An invoice would fall at your feet when an issue pop ups, causing even more conflict between everyone involved. Let’s scrap the old!


Sit back and have a cuppa

We’ll cover all scenarios of risk, cost and time once your tenants have moved in, so you can step away with zero hassle. You can watch everything unfold during the tenancy without a care, but with full clarity.


Put your tenants in driving seat

Our tenants have an app to report all issues. We reward our tenant members for their help and we’ll also perform a health check on the pad every 6 months.



No surprises, no need to claim

Our cover is structured so we can act on your behalf with no excess. We enjoy doing the dirty work because our insurance has been made to cover all angles of maintenance and management, meaning we can keep your yield clear.


No Voids & No Arrears

We’ll keep paying your rent on the day it’s due even if the tenant defaults. We even cover your legal costs for section 21 issues, so you can have full peace of mind. When it comes to the end of your tenancy we then find your next tenant for free with our find service.

What's covered then exactly?

There’s no excess and we cover up to £20,000 per issue. All issues logged with via our app and dealt with by our team immediately.

✔ Bi-yearly health check
✔ 6 month’s arrears
✔ 2 month’s void
✔ Boiler
✔ Washing machines 
✔ Fridges  
✔ Freezers
✔ Dish washer
✔ Leaks 
✔ Damp (including coursing)
✔ Pipes
✔ Vermin infestation
✔ Windows 
✔ Doors 
✔ Cupboards, units and appliances 
✔ All furniture 
✔ Fire damage
✔ All tenant damage

*Everything listed is fully covered for repair
**All labour and parts covered by Pad's team
***Hotel for renters if your Pad becomes uninhabitable

Hands-off property management

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Pad is underwritten by a syndicate of A+ rated insurers. This is a bespoke and unique product curated by Pad insurance. Pad is FCA covered. Pad also facilitate lettings and management duties so are a member of the property redress scheme, which is approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. Pad’s insurance is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 753819. Access our policy here.

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