Your passport for digital tenant referencing and verification.

Get verified, get trusted, get rewarded.

Pad saves our trusted members cost and hassle. All members are treated to more rewarding living in their city, whilst landlords can sit back and relax.

  • Fast comprehensive verification
  • Full damage, legal and default cover
  • Members avoid fees and deposits
  • All claims handled and serviced by Pad
  • Member rating and credit score included
  • Access to insider perks & savings
"The Best Apps in 2017"

What's included?

 Verified in 5 minutes

✔ Right to rent
✔ Face scan
✔ Passport
✔ KYC check
✔ Credit check
✔ County court judgement check
✔ Bankruptcy check
✔ Electoral role check
✔ Address confirmation

 Verified within 72 hours

✔ Employer reference
✔ Income verification
✔ Affordability

How Pad works

Once your profile is fully approved, Pad cover our members to rent without deposit or bond, and without the need for an excess. Coverage is 6 months default, 2 months void and full damage, with all claims handled by Pad rather than landlord or tenant, so everyone wins.

If rent is late the landlord still gets paid on time, if a mistake happens it's fixed, if the tenant sprays graffiti all over a wall it's fixed - we don't condone but we do cover/protect. 

It gets better. Members are fed their live credit rating through their Pad profile which is updated once a month, as we report whether they have paid rent on time. Pay on time it goes up, pay late and it falls.

Pad work with the best partners in finance and shopping to enable our members better terms on lifestyle purchases from Sainbury's shopping, to mortgages.